NEW DELHI: BSES has announced its readiness to ensure the safety and reliability of Delhi’s power supply as the monsoon season begins.
BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) and BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL) have taken proactive measures including preventive maintenance, raising transformer bases, securing transformers, deploying Quick Response Teams (QRTs), and establishing a war room to monitor complaints and ensure their swift resolution.
In preparation for the monsoon BSES has implemented various measures to minimize the impact of moisture-related issues.
Actions include raising the height of transformer bases in low-lying areas to prevent waterlogging, ensuring proper fencing around transformers, and deploying QRTs to handle emergencies. A war room has been set up to monitor complaints and ensure their quick resolution.
Consumers are advised to follow safety guidelines to avoid electricity-related mishaps.
Recommendations include staying away from electrical installations such as poles, sub-stations, transformers, and streetlights. “Advising children not to play near electrical installations, and getting the entire wiring in their premises checked by a licensed electrical contractor,” BSES mentioned.
The company also suggested installing an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) and keeping a “Tester” at home to check for electricity leakage.
Power theft, especially by hooking into the electricity system, is a serious safety hazard during the monsoon. BSES appeals to citizens to report any instances of power theft and to discourage illegal connections. Additionally, unplanned digging for road repair or cable laying can cause power outages and safety risks. BSES urged residents to inform them of any such activities to prevent disruptions.
In case of power disruptions or emergencies, BSES has provided multiple channels for consumers to make contact. For South and West Delhi, residents can call 19123 or 011 49516707, and for East and Central Delhi, the number is 19122 or 011 41999808.
Additionally, consumers can reach out via WhatsApp by sending a message to 8800919123 for BRPL or 8745999808 for BYPL. The respective mobile apps, BRPL Power App and BYPL Connect, are also available for use.
“By adhering to these guidelines and cooperating with BSES, Delhi residents can ensure a safe and incident-free monsoon season,” BSES stated.