Hours before BTS member Min Yoongi aka Suga took to the stage for his final D-Day concert, speculations were rife that fellow band member Jungkook would make an appearance. Making all the BTS ARMYs wishes come true, the Golden Maknae indeed appeared on stage at the concert, joining his hyung to perform a song together. 

Suga and Jungkook performed the song `Burn It` together. Post their energetic joint performance, Yoongi went backstage, while Jungkook was joined by a bunch of backup dancers as he performed his latest hit, Seven. The song is Jungkook`s debut solo single and has taken his global fandom by storm ever since its release. 

“I`m here at Suga hyung`s encore stage to congratulate him. Our ARMYs are such great singers! Thank you so much for coming to support Suga hyung (brother in Korean). I can`t take away any of your time, but it is sad to leave after just one song, so I will do one more before I leave,” Jungkook told the crowd before performing Seven.

BTS` fans aka ARMYs were delightfully surprised when Jungkook made an appearance on stage. “OMG JUNGKOOK” started trending on Twitter soon after. Look at some of the fan reactions below:

The rumour that Jungkoook might join Suga on stage began after a fan heard the youngest member of BTS rehearsing his newly released track at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena (KSPO Dome) in Seoul, South Korea. The video features a fan screaming excitedly after hearing Jungkook’s voice from outside the KSPO Dome. ARMY quickly assumed that the BTS members are planning a special surprise for fans during Suga’s concert. 

Suga had surprised fans during the Los Angeles leg of his D-Day world tour by teaming up with American singer-songwriter Halsey. The collaboration took place on the final day of Suga`s three-day concert at Kia Forum.