BTS` Kim Taehyung amazed by IU singing his song Love Me Again

BTS member Kim Taehyung aka V recently released his solo album Layover. The singer has been making appearances at various music shows to promote his work. One of his recent appearances was on `IU`s Palette`, the talk show hosted by Korean singer and actress Lee Ji-eun.

The full episode of IU’s Palette was released recently, with V as a special guest. Throughout the video, IU made V feel very comfortable and they had some adorable interactions through talking about his new music, promotions, and much more. They also sang together, boasting their unique visuals together. 

Towards the end of the video, it was clear that the two artists were quite comfortable around each other, to the point that V even thought that IU might be teasing him. As one of the youngest members of BTS, V is known for being cheeky and teasing his older members. However, it seems he got a taste of his own medicine on IU`s show. 

IU wanted V to join her in doing what seemed like a cute pose. V seemed sceptical seeing the idol doing the pose again, although IU was certain that they had to do a new one. V even explained that he thought IU was teasing him, but the idol was certain she wasn’t, adding that all the BTS members who had appeared on the show (J-Hope and Suga) had also done it.

Ahead of the episode, IU posted a clip of her singing V’s new song, Love Me Again. The song itself is beautiful but IU added her own twist and color with her unique vocals. V seemed immersed in IU’s vocals as he listened to his song being sung by the `Golden Girl` of K-Pop.

One particular moment that gained attention was when IU hit a high note in the song. From a distance, V looked shocked, and as the camera zoomed into him, the Bangtan member couldn’t hide his reaction to IU’s beautiful voice. Fans reacted to Taehyung`s shocked expression on hearing IU`s amazing vocalisation.