Global sensation BTS is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. ARMYs, BTS’ fanbase have coined June as ‘FESTA’ Month. Every year, BTS take it upon themselves to be a little more active on their social media handles and interact with their beloved fans through group activities and livestreams on platforms like VLive.

However, this year marks the first year where the group is not physically together for their anniversary. Members like Jin and J-Hope have enlisted in the army for service duties and other members are engaged in personal music projects and travels. 

Fans were thus even more excited during the buildup of Kim Taehyung aka V’s first-ever solo fan meeting in partnership with Indonesian platform SimInvest held on June 11th, 2023 in Seoul, South Korea. 

In March, one of the largest Indonesian conglomerates in Indonesia, Sinarmas Sekuritas, officially announced Kim Taehyung as the international ambassador for SimInvest, their mutual-funds application. The fan meeting held earlier today was part of their promotional activities, and which also gave V a chance to talk to ARMYs during FESTA Month. It was also significant because it was the first meeting that the idol had in more than three years.

Taehyung has swept fans off their feet by revealing several of his new hair styles during award shows and events. Who can forget his iconic red hair at the 2018 MAMA awards? The BTS resident style icon made ARMYs swoon once again when he revealed his fabulous caramel blond hair and chic suit on SimInvest’s stage.

Not long after the event, ARMYs had barely recovered from V’s hair revelation that he took to VLive to spend some more quality time with fans. He talked about how he missed his fellow members, sang a snippet of BTS` special FESTA song release, `Take Two` and how he draws songwriting inspiration from several emotions and events, including the weather, especially winter!

The live saw a continuous string of comments admiring Tae’s stylish blond hair. V himself mimicked Jimin in continuously running his hands through it. Soon, Jin joined the live and commented “Of course I’m watching your live. Stop running your hands through your hair and say ‘I Love You’ to ARMY”.

To which Tae responded with his adorable box-teeth smile. How did ten years pass so quickly?

Fans kept asking V about when KTH 1, his first solo-album, would officially release, but he responded with only evasive smiles and coy answers.

Oh well, all is forgiven for our Winter Bear.