BTS: Suga finally reveals his 7 tattoo at D-day concert, breaks down in tears

BTS member Suga aka Min Yoongi`s last show from the D-Day World Tour was the most happening one of them all. The 30-year-old rapper took to the stage in Seoul on August 6, and ensured he poured out his heart and soul at the show. He received loud cheers and support from countless fans. Suga also had some surprises up his sleeve. Towards the end of the show, he finally revealed the part of his body that had the friendship tattoo.

All seven BTS members had `7` inked on their bodies as a sign of their eternal friendship. Six of them had revealed where they had gotten the tattoo. Despite fans asking him to reveal the location of his tattoo, Yoongi held out for as long as he could. He finally revealed that the tattoo was on his shoulder at the D-Day concert.

Suga causally took off his jacket on stage, complaining that it was too hot. The camera then strategically focused on his left shoulder, revealing the `7`, and fans`s cheers grew louder than ever. Take a look:

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Considering this was possibly the last time Suga took to the stage before BTS regroups, this was a fitting surprise gift for ARMY. Yoongi also broke down in tears at one point, while singing Amygdala. It was indeed an emotional show for the performer as well as the ARMY.

Suga`s concert was also full of surprises. He had BTS leader RM aka Kim Namjoon as the guest on the show. Suga and Namjoon performed the song `Strange` together – and their combined, fierce rap skills set the stage on fire. RM took ARMY right to Bangtan`s roots by sporting a pair of sunglasses. Post their energetic joint performance, Yoongi went backstage, and Namjoon addressed fans. In his speech he said that he had missed fans a lot and was honoured that he could be part of Yoongi`s final D-Day show at KSPO Dome in Seoul. 

Another surprise that no one was prepared for was the appearance of BTS member J-Hope and Jin in the audience. Jin and J-Hope, who are currently serving in the South Korean military, turned up at the show and were spotted excitedly screaming and waving their ARMY bombs to support Yoongi on stage.