BTS`s Taehyung aka V went live yesterday to spend some quality time with ARMYs and show off his nail art. 

Taehyung mentioned that he has just had his meal and was feeling bored, so he turned on his Weverse livestream. But the main reason was to casually flaunt his cute nail art! Taehyung said that he was inspired by J-Hope, who often posts pictures of his gorgeous nails, and wanted to try something new. He said that he didn`t get hooked on to a new hobby but rather had tried it out for a shoot. Secret shoot – we wonder what ARMYs are in store for? The staff had reassured him that they weren`t permanent and hence he had been encouraged to try it out. 

“I tried painting my nails like Hobi hyung. I think this might be my first time and last time maybe. I had to get this done for something I was filming for. They said it would last for 3 weeks. But yeah, I tried it. I came to brag about it.”

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One of his nails was painted with a `:(` emoji. ARMYs are the best detectives out there when it comes to decoding Taylor Swift-esque Easter Eggs in BTS`s content. This time too, ARMYs spotted a potential hidden connection to his forthcoming debut solo album. They pointed out that this emoji appeared in the description of the livestream and that Tae had gotten his nails done for a shoot. Are we getting pt. 2 of Blue and Grey? 

Taehyung is known for doing extremely short livestreams. This time too, he wanted to cutely show off his nail art even though he admitted being embarrassed/shy and wrapped up the livestream in 5 minutes – talk about getting to the point! ARMYs are loving V`s new fashion sense and joked about how other members like Jin and RM wait for 5 minutes for ARMYs to come online, while Tae finishes up with efficiency! 

V`s good looks are definitely not up for debate. With over two and a half million votes, Taehyung was named `Best K-Pop Visual 2023` on Shining Awards! With this win, Taehyung proved that his visuals just keep getting better.

V was recently also appointed as global ambassador for French luxury label, CELINE. Taehyung took to Instagram to share videos of himself styled in the collection`s custom pieces in an exclusive photoshoot with Esquire, Korea. He also travelled to Paris to attend their HOMME Summer fashion event, which ultimately stood cancelled due to riots in the city.