BTS`s V, also known as Taehyung, has dropped the official scheduler for his highly anticipated first solo album, titled `Layover.` This announcement has sent shockwaves of excitement through the global BTS fanbase, as the schedule reveals surprise releases scheduled for August 10 and 11.

The announcement, revealed by V himself and BIGHIT MUSIC, the renowned label behind BTS`s unparalleled success, has fueled a frenzy of anticipation as they unveiled `Love me again` and `Rainy Days` music videos are set to drop as soon as August 10 and 11.

Breaking away from convention, V`s album promotions will showcase a distinctive approach. The official schedule outlines plans for the release of music videos not only for the title track but also for the b-side tracks—an innovation that sets a new standard in the realm of K-Pop promotions. This bold move shows V`s vision to delivering an immersive artistic experience to his fans.

BIGHIT MUSIC shared a formal statement to provide more insights into `Layover.` The album comprises a total of six tracks, with five main tracks and an additional bonus track. This carefully curated selection promises to captivate listeners with V`s distinctive musical style and emotive storytelling.

Amid the excitement, V exhibited his affectionate connection with his fans through a heartfelt Instagram post. The post unveiled a touching image of `Layover` album boxes neatly arranged on a staircase, accompanied by V`s heartfelt words: “I`m sending them to every house with the desire I want to deliver them to you.” This gesture highlights V`s genuine appreciation for the support and love he receives from his global fanbase.

In a poignant letter addressed to his dedicated fans, V shared a personal reflection on his journey and growth over the past decade. This introspective message adds an intimate layer to the upcoming album`s narrative, making it even more eagerly anticipated by fans worldwide.

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The online BTS community has erupted with excitement, with fans taking to Twitter to express their elation. One user couldn`t contain their enthusiasm, writing, “He is dropping things early OKAYYYY.” Another fan eagerly pointed out the release dates of the music videos, exclaiming, “Love me again MV on 10th n Rainy Days MV on 11th Omg (sic).”

As V`s solo album `Layover` prepares for its grand release, the groundbreaking promotional strategy and heartfelt connection with fans set the stage for a momentous chapter in the artist`s career. September 8 can`t come soon enough for the BTS ARMY as they eagerly anticipate the next dimension of V`s artistic prowess.