BTS`S RM sings explicit version of Jungkook`s `Seven` on livestream

BTS`s Kim Namjoon aka RM surprised ARMY with a short Weverse livestream earlier today. 

Namjoon mentioned that the last time he had done a livestream was in winter – he said that he missed ARMY and hence turned on the live on a whim. Seriously Joon, you kept us waiting for that long?

BTS celebrated their 10th anniversary last month. The group has been on hiatus since June, 2022 to pursue personal musical projects and travels. Many of the members have already released their solo music, including full-length albums. The latest member to do this was BTS`s youngest member, Golden Maknae Jungkook; who wowed fans with his visuals and vocals alike in solo digital single `Seven`. The song also featured American rapper Latto.

Jungkook has often talked about Namjoon being his musical and artistic inspiration. In fact, RM was the reason that Jungkook decided to join BigHit music, the label that manages the group. Joon, on the other hand has also supported Jungkook`s musical journey throughout, helping him with his songwriting and composition. He did not miss a chance to promote `Seven` on his life and treated ARMYs by singing a small segment – of the explicit version! How and when did BTS grow up so quickly?

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The BTS members have been supporting their youngest member in their own unique ways. On the day of the song`s release on July 14, Kim Taehyung posted an Instagram story with the Jack, King and seven of cards lined up – spelling out `JK7.` Namjoon too shared that he avidly listened to the single and has been inspired to work on his own music.

Namjoon released his debut solo album, `Indigo` in October last year. He said that he`s been hard at work developing new music. Although he gave no hints about what his upcoming project is about, Joon did say that it is quite different from what he usually works on, and that he has been having fun writing, editing and experimenting in his studio. Indeed, the BTS leader has been posting quite a few photos on Instagram of himself in his studio at HYBE. 

Despite the livestream being short, he did not forget to give ARMYs some of his usual philosophical wisdom. He shared how he has been following the mantra of `c`est la vie` and encouraged ARMYs to also embrace the present moment no matter what`s going on in their life.

Namjoon also shared the goings-on of the BTS members. He shared how he recently met Taehyung at an outdoor gym and worked out with him. He also said that members who haven`t enlisted yet (i.e. excluding Jin and J-Hope) are planning to get together soon. ARMYS will eagerly look forward to the OT7 photos! For all we know, they will hold up posters of Jin and J-Hope – like they did for Suga during his postoperative care period while they were promoting `BE.`

Jungkook`s `Seven` is available to listen on all streaming platforms now.