September 7 was a day to remember as BIGHIT MUSIC dropped the much-anticipated music video teaser for “Slow Dancing,” the title track from BTS` V`s solo debut album, “Layover.” As the teaser unfolded, fans found themselves submerged in a dreamy ambiance, despite the challenge of catching a clear glimpse of V`s face as he gracefully floated underwater. 

Fast forward to today, and the wait is finally over! BTS`s V revealed the full music video for “Slow Dancing,” a captivating experience clocking in at just over 3 minutes. Throughout the entirety of the video, a consistent vibe pervades, with V extending a warm invitation to viewers to kick back and savor the moment. The dreamlike elements woven into the narrative, combined with V`s breathtaking aesthetics against the backdrop of a picturesque beach, make this music video an absolute masterpiece.

As the visuals unfold, we witness V and his friends indulging in relaxation at the beach, on a drive, their carefree spirits perfectly encapsulated by the sun, sand, and inviting blue waters. Notably, the shots of watermelons add a touch of whimsy, compelling us to cast aside our worries and join in on the beachside fun. It`s almost as if Kim Taehyung`s intention is clear – he wants ARMY to unwind and share these joyful moments with him, a well-deserved respite from the fervor surrounding the release of “Layover” and “Slow Dancing.”

ARMY was quick to flood twitter to congratulate V on his achievement. Check out some of their tweets here:

Speaking about his album, V said, “I`ll show you what I have prepared step by step, although I`m under lots of pressure to be the last member after all my bandmates have successfully completed their solo activities. This album is filled with the charms of Kim Taehyung as a person. [It`ll] feel `original, surprising and relaxing.`” and boy, was he right?!

He even spoke about BTS, “I feel like the value of my life is increasing. I get it from the members that I`m living really well,” he confessed, expressing his affection for the team. In the “fill in the Vlanks” section, which uses the titles of the solo album to complete the blanks in the given sentences, he also said, “What I think I will love even if I am born again is my family, our members, and our ARMY,”

With its dreamy vibe, stunning visuals, and an invitation to escape into moments of pure bliss, this MV has undoubtedly set a high bar for what`s to come in V`s solo career.