Burger King Shooting CCTV Footage

NEW DELHI: The Delhi Police has suspended a sub-inspector and a head constable in connection with the leak of CCTV footage showing the fatal shooting of a man inside a Burger King outlet last week. The two officers, stationed at the Subhash Nagar Police Post, were implicated after a 14-second video of the incident surfaced on social media on June 20.
On June 18, 26-year-old Aman Joon was shot dead by two gangsters while seated with a woman in the West Delhi Burger King. Joon sustained 38 gunshot wounds during the attack, which was recorded on CCTV. The footage, which shows the relentless attack on Joon, was widely circulated, prompting an investigation.
Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora had previously issued an order in February instructing district and unit heads not to leak any crime-related CCTV footage. However, it was found that the two officers shared the footage with their counterparts in other units to aid further investigation.
A senior police officer confirmed that an inquiry has been launched into the leak.
Sources indicate that the footage was intended for internal use to assist in the investigation but was unfortunately leaked to the public. The incident has raised concerns about procedural lapses within the police department regarding the handling of sensitive evidence.