NEW DELHI: A passenger on Air India flight AI 175 from Bengaluru to San Francisco on June 9, recently shared that he found a metal blade in his meal.
During his in-flight meal, Mathures Paul discovered a metal object resembling a blade hidden in the roasted sweet potato and fig chaat. Mathures said that he only noticed the metal piece after chewing the food for a few seconds, fortunately without any harm done.
In his post on X, Mathures said, “Air India food can cut like a knife. Hiding in its roasted sweet potato and fig chaat was a metal piece that looked like a blade. I got a feel of it only after chewing the grub for a few seconds. Thankfully, no harm was done. Of course, the blame squarely lies with Air India’s catering service but the incident doesn’t help the image I have of Air India.”

Air India acknowledged the incident and launched an investigation.
Rajesh Dogra, Chief Customer Experience Officer, confirmed that the foreign object found in the meal was traced back to the vegetable processing machine used by their catering partner.
“Air India confirms that a foreign object was found in the meal of a guest aboard one of our flights. After investigation, it has been identified as coming from the vegetable processing machine used at the facilities of our catering partner. We have worked with our catering partner to strengthen measures to prevent any recurrence, including more frequent checking of the processor especially after chopping of any hard vegetable,” Dogra said.

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