Grand Hyatt Mumbai is gearing up to host the premiere of the globally renowned Candlelight Concerts series in Mumbai. Produced by Live Your City, a brand under the American company Fever Labs Inc., the Candlelight Concert series begins on June 2, 2024 and is set to transform the island city into a mesmerising haven of live music, illuminated by thousands of candles. More dates and musical programs are yet to be announced.  

The Candlelight concept is renowned for bringing classical concerts to culturally significant venues beyond traditional opera houses and concert halls. These concerts have been hosted in diverse and prime locations such as the Atomium in Belgium, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah in Dubai. This marks the first time these distinctive experiences will be held in India.

Check out the upcoming Candlelight concerts at Grand Hyatt Mumbai:

Candlelight: Best movie soundtracks
Dates and Time: June 2, July 13, August 4 (Time- 18:30 & 21:00)
Duration: 60 minutes
Musicians: Local String Quartet (to be announced soon)
Price: 1 Ticket – from 1,199 onwards
Book your tickets at:

Dietmar Kielnhofer, General Manager, Grand Hyatt Mumbai and Area Vice President, Hyatt West India, said, “We are incredibly excited to host India’s premiere Candlelight Concerts. This event perfectly aligns with our commitment to offering unique and memorable experiences for our guests. The combination of popular movie soundtracks and the enchanting ambience of candlelights will create an unforgettable evening for all music lovers.”

“We are delighted to launch Candlelight Concerts in India, starting with the vibrant city of Mumbai. Our goal is to immerse audiences in a world of beautiful music and captivating ambiance. Grand Hyatt Mumbai, with its exquisite venue and attention to detail, is the perfect partner for this premiere event, ensuring a night of elegance and enchantment for all who will be attending the event. We believe that Candlelight Concerts will resonate deeply with Indian audiences, especially those who deeply appreciate art, culture, and music, said Rachid Elameri, Regional General Manager, Live Your City.

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