NEW DELHI: Following Arvind Kejriwal‘s arrest by Central Bureau of Investigation on Wednesday, senior AAP functionary Jasmine Shah, at a press conference, alleged that the investigating agency had falsely claimed in court that the chief minister had washed his hands of the liquor policy case and put the entire blame on former deputy CM Manish Sisodia.
Shah said not only did Kejriwal immediately refute CBI‘s claim in court and challenged the investigating agency to present any evidence to support it, the judge also confirmed that the chief minister had made no such remarks. “CBI has been caught red-handed lying in front of the court. The agency wanted Kejriwal to give such a statement that would create a sensation in the media. The judge also found the CBI’s claim to be wrong,” Shah said.
Kejriwal’s wife Sunita, meanwhile, said the arrest was akin to “dictatorship” and “emergency” and alleged that the entire system was trying to ensure that her husband did not come out of jail.
In a post on X in Hindi, Sunita said her husband got bail on June 20 in the alleged excise policy-linked money laundering case but the Enforcement Directorate immediately got a stay. “The very next day, CBI made him an accused. And today he was arrested. The whole system is trying to ensure that the man does not come out of jail. This is not law. This is dictatorship, this is emergency,” she alleged.
Seeking Kejriwal‘s custody, CBI counsel DP Singh submitted before the court that the chief minister had put the “entire onus” on Sisodia and claimed he had no idea about the excise policy. “We need to confront him with the documents that we have. We are not asking him to admit to something,” submitted the CBI counsel. Shah alleged that the case had now taken a political colour and ED and CBI had been put behind Kejriwal.
In a separate press conference, Rajya Sabha member Sanjay Singh said CBI had interrogated Kejriwal for 9 hours in April 2023. “If he was an accused, why did the agency remain silent for so many months,” Singh said, adding that he will raise the issue in Parliament with the help of INDIA bloc partners.
Delhi BJP spokesperson Praveen Shankar Kapoor said that it’s “regrettable” to see AAP casting aspersions on investigation agencies. “The CBI case in the liquor scam is going on since 2022 and Kejriwal had been summoned in April 2023. But, they are trying to portray that Kejriwal is being victimised,” Kapoor alleged.
Delhi BJP president Virendra Sachdeva said after Sisodia, the arrest of Kejriwal was a demand of justice. “AAP and opposition functionaries need to understand that he was engaged in bribery,” Sachdeva said.