Celebrities make a beeline for 'RoboVerse VR Expo', interact with humanoids

RoboVerse VR Expo, organised by Manorama Online in Kochi, is drawing crowds ever since it opened to the public on June 12. Celebrities, youths and families are making a beeline for the event. On Friday, actor Asif Ali with his wife Zama and kids visited the venue and got an opportunity to view the exhibits.

Previously, Actors Gokul Suresh, Anarkali Marikar and the rest of the ‘Gaganachari’ team attended the event. Director-actor Basil Joseph also visited the venue with his family. Actors Suraj Venjaramoodu and Poornima Indrajith are expected to grace the event on Saturday evening.

One of the key attractions includes 15 kg robot dogs, which boast 12 knee joint motors. Humanoid, artificial intelligence machines, robot games including Robo War and virtual reality experiences are yet another highlight of the event. Classes on robotics, career guidance sessions, a section on the history of robots and a zone to play games with robots are the other major attractions of the event.

The expo, which will continue till June 17 (Monday), will be open from 10 am to 10 pm. Manoramaonline is organising the expo at the Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium in association with Jain University. The technical support for the expo is given by Thiruvananthapuram-based Unique World Robotics. Entry is through tickets. For more information: https://www.roboverexpo.com, Phone: 9895395225

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