COLORS’ ‘Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyag Tandav` continues to connect the audience to the roots of our rich culture. Anchored in the eternal love between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, the show is set to unveil an intriguing twist in the upcoming episodes with the entry of Lord Vishnu’s sixth avatar, Parashuram. Returning to the genre to portray the character of Parashuram in the show is the versatile actor Chetan Hansraj, who promises to enrich the narrative with his compelling portrayal.

In the upcoming episodes, Parashuram arrives to meet Lord Shiva. Lord Ganesha refuses to let him through, explaining that his father is busy and does not wish to be disturbed. This enrages Parashuram, leading to a fierce battle between him and Ganesha. Just as it seems Ganesha is about to win, Parashuram hurls his axe at Ganesha. Out of respect for his father, who had gifted the axe to Parashuram, Ganesha does not retaliate. Instead, he allows the axe to strike him, receiving the blow with his left tusk, which is then cut off and falls to the ground.

Reflecting on his role as Parashuram in the show, actor Chetan Hansraj shares, “Returning to COLORS feels like a homecoming for me. One of the major reasons for me to join Shiv Shakti- Tap Tyag Tandav is my mom, who has been an avid lover of the show ever since it went on air. Her devotion to Lord Shiv is such that she watches the episodes on repeat. Being an actor who has portrayed diverse roles gives me the opportunity to connect with the audience in different ways, but this character is very special to me. Playing Parashuram is an opportunity I will cherish, especially considering the love my mother has for this show. I am hopeful and eager to receive the same affection and support from all our viewers and well-wishers, as I have always been fortunate to receive.”

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