Japanese woman and her child stabbed in China

Japanese woman, child stabbed by suspected Chinese man in China. Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

A Japanese woman and her child and a Chinese woman were hurt in a knife attack at a bus stop in China’s Suzhou city on Monday, media reports said.

There was no indication that the suspect, believed to be Chinese, intentionally targeted Japanese nationals, the official of the Japanese Consulate General in Shanghai told Kyodo news agency.

The injuries suffered by the two Japanese nationals were not life-threatening.

The attacker was subdued at the scene.

The attacker is currently in police custody.

The motive behind the attack is not known so far.

Earlier this month, four instructors from an American college were stabbed by a Chinese man in Jilin city.

The suspect in the Jilin attack was arrested by the police but the motive behind the incident is still not known.