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Comedian Sunil Pal recently opened up and shared his memories of touring with Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan. He also talked about the humility of these stars despite their humongous stardom. In a recent interview with Bollywood Bubble, Sunil Pal the Singapore tour for which the Morani brothers paid him Rs 20,000. He also recalled how SRK used to visit his staff quietly late at night in slum area.

”I went for a tour to Singapore where Morani brothers paid me 20000. There was a show held in a stadium there and I remember after the event Shah Rukh introduced every artist including me to the audience. Ganesh Hegde was also present there who told me to come to green room and perform in front of SRK. He entered the room with a drink and cigarette in his hand and I started mimicking his popular dialogues in front of him,” he said.

He also recalled that Aryan Khan also attended the tour with his father when he was a small boy. On being asked about whether he is still in touch with Shah Rukh, he added, ”I am not much in contact as everyone are busy in their own lives. But I think whenever we meet, whether they recognise me or no, their behaviour will be the same. With Shah Rukh I also remember one of his staff member used to stay in my neighbouring slum. He used to visit him once in 4-6 months during special occasion. But he used to come quietly late night, sit for 10-15 minutes with them and leave.”

Not only this, he also recalled about his tour with Aamir Khan. ”After this I remember going for Lagaan tour where Aamir Khan was present. At that time Dil Chahta Hai and Lagaan were massive hit. I was told Aamir will take audition before the tour as nothing goes ahead without his permission. Ashutosh gowariker introduced me to Aamir and I mimicked my act. And what I observed about Aamir was he focused on increasing my confidence without thinking of accepting or rejecting. He fortunately laughed in first punch and agreed to take me for tour. In that tour I remember dancing with Preity Zinta on song Piya Piya,” he added.

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