Dalljiet Kaur‘s Kenya-based husband Nikhil Patel recently threatened legal action over her ‘cheap’ social media posts after she hinted he cheated on her. Amid all this, the TV actor is back in Nairobi, Kenya, seemingly for the first time since she left the country and returned to India amid separation speculation. Nikhil recently confirmed their separation. Also read: Dalljiet Kaur, Nikhil Patel unfollow each other on Instagram less than one year after wedding, remove pics

Dalljiet Kaur with Nikhil Patel during their honeymoon in 2023. (File Photo)

On Tuesday, Dalljiet took to Instagram Stories to share a photo of herself with her friends. Dressed in a black outfit, the actor was all smiles as she posed with two friends at a restaurant. She wrote with the photo, “When you meet your girl squad…”

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Dalljiet Kaur met her friends in Kenya.
Dalljiet Kaur met her friends in Kenya.

Dalljiet and Nikhil separated?

Earlier, Nikhil had said that he had sent Dalljiet a legal notice after her recent posts on Instagram accusing him of having an extramarital affair. He added that he will give away all her belongings to charity, if she does not collect them from his Kenya home.

In a June interview to ETimes, Nikhil said that his legal team will take ‘the sternest legal action available against Dalljiet should she continue with her unlawful actions’. He said, “As a normal citizen of the world, it is very disturbing to see how the gaps in online protection laws, both in India and globally, can, and are, often exploited by those who choose to gain cheap media attention through careless actions that place innocent children and women at risk. Sharing pictures and video footage without consent of those involved, particularly in the case of children, who are always a vulnerable group in society and who always require protection of the law, is illegal and negligent.”

Nikhil on the breakdown of their marriage

The divorce speculation surrounding Dalljiet and Nikhil started in February, after they both unfollowed each other and deleted posts from their Instagram handles. In May, Nikhil had spoken about the extramarital affair allegations against him and also confirmed his split from Dalljiet in an interview with ETimes. He said that in January, Dalljiet decided to leave Kenya with her son Jaydon and return to India, ‘which ultimately led to the couple’s separation’.

Nikhil added that it was hard for Dalljiet to settle in Kenya after their wedding in March 2023 in Mumbai. He said the Indian wedding ceremony ‘held cultural significance, but it was not legally binding’, adding it was intended to reassure Dalljiet’s family about her move to Kenya.

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