NEW DELHI: The exit polls predictions suggest that the BJP is poised to secure at least five of Delhi’s seven Lok Sabha seats, with the INDIA bloc (AAP-Congress alliance) potentially clinching a maximum of two seats.

However, some pollsters anticipate a scenario where the BJP could sweep all seven seats, akin to their performance in the 2019 Lok Sabha election.
According to the Axis My India Exit Poll 2024, the BJP is forecasted to secure 6-7 seats in Delhi while the INDIA bloc, may not secure any seats or could be limited to just one.
Similarly, Today’s Chanakya Exit Poll echoed these sentiments, predicting a complete dominance by the BJP in Delhi, with no significant presence of the INDIA bloc.
CVoter Exit Poll 2024 projections offer a glimmer of hope for the INDIA bloc, foreseeing them potentially securing 1-3 seats, while the BJP is anticipated to win 4-6 seats. On the other hand, TV9 Bharatvarsha-Polstrat anticipates a complete takeover by the BJP in Delhi, confidently asserting that the party is poised for a hat trick by claiming victory in all seven seats.
Chandni Chowk Lok Sabha seat
According to the India TV-CNX exit poll, the Chandni Chowk constituency is witnessing a close contest between JP Agarwal from the Congress party and Praveen Khandelwal representing the BJP.
North East Delhi Lok Sabha seat
According to the India Today-Axis My India exit poll, the North East Delhi constituency is expected to be held by the current BJP MP, Manoj Tiwari. His main rival in this electoral battle is Kanhaiya Kumar from the Congress party.
The exit poll suggests that Tiwari has a strong chance of securing a victory and continuing as the representative of the North East Delhi seat in the parliament.
North West Delhi (SC) Lok Sabha seat
The Delhi North West seat will witness a close contest between Yogender Chandolia from the BJP and Udit Raj from Congress. According to reports, Chandolia is likely to win.
This constituency is designated for candidates from the Scheduled Castes. It includes areas from North Delhi, North West Delhi, and West Delhi districts.
South Delhi Lok Sabha seat
Stepping into the political arena on behalf of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is Sahi Ram Pehelwan, ready to shake up the status quo. Standing against him is Ramvir Singh Bidhuri, from BJP determined to maintain their grip on the area.
This sets the stage for a heated and intense battle between the two sides.
New Delhi Lok Sabha seat
The New Delhi Lok Sabha Constituency holds significant sway in Indian politics, renowned for its influential presence. Somnath Bharti, representing the Aam Aadmi Party is challenging Bansuri Swaraj, backed by the Bharatiya Janata Party with a vision centered on development and advancement. This sets the stage for a closely contested battle for the coveted seat, where ideologies clash and aspirations collide.
East Delhi Lok Sabha seat
In East Delhi’s electoral battleground, a vibrant competition unfolds between two notable candidates. Kuldeep Kumar, carrying the banner of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), stands ready to articulate his vision and agenda for the constituency.
Harsh Malhotra of the BJP emerges as a formidable challenger, setting the stage for an intense and closely contested showdown.
West Delhi Lok Sabha seat
The West Delhi Lok Sabha Constituency commands a significant presence in Indian politics. Spearheading the campaign is Mahabal Mishra, the Aam Aadmi Party’s representative, standing in opposition is Smt. Kamaljeet Sehrawat, supported by the Bharatiya Janata Party, setting the stage for a closely contested electoral showdown.