MUMBAI: An Akasa Air flight from Delhi to Mumbai received a security alert that had the pilots divert the aircraft to Ahmedabad on Monday. This is the third Mumbai-bound flight to receive a threat alert in the past three days.
The Akasa Air flight Q with 186 passengers, one infant and six crew members on board received a security alert en route to Mumbai, said an Akasa Air spokesperson.The flight had departed around 8.50 am and was scheduled to land in Mumbai at 10.45 am.
“As per prescribed safety and security procedures, the plane was diverted to Ahmedabad. The Captain followed all required emergency procedures and landed safely at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport at 10.13 am. All passengers have deplaned,” it said, adding that it followed all safety and security protocols on ground.
On Sunday, a Vistara flight from Paris to Mumbai with 306 people on board received a bomb scare that had the pilots carry out an emergency landing at its destination. A handwritten note on an airsickness bag, threatening a bomb was reported by Vistara, said sources.

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A full scale emergency was declared at 10.08 am and the flight UK024 landed safely at 10.19 am. It was taken to an isolation bay for the security check. Sources said no bomb was found on the aircraft.
On Saturday, an IndiGo flight from Chennai to Mumbai received a bomb threat. “An unclaimed remote was found on board the aircraft,” said a source. The pilots informed the Mumbai air traffic control and sought an emergency landing.
Last week, on May 28, an IndiGo flight from Delhi to Varanasi with 176 passengers on board received a bomb threat, following which the pilots ordered an emergency evacuation.