NEW DELHI: Delhi minister Atishi‘s health has declined significantly on the fourth day of her indefinite hunger strike on Monday, protesting for Haryana to release Delhi’s “rightful share of water.”
Despite doctors advising hospital admission, Atishi remains steadfast, citing the need for action.
“My blood pressure and sugar levels are dropping, and my weight has gone down.Ketone level is very high which can have harmful effects in the long run. No matter how much my body suffers, I will continue the fast till Haryana releases water,” she stated at the hunger strike site in Jungpura’s Bhogal.
According to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Atishi’s weight and blood pressure are rapidly declining, with doctors from LNJP Hospital labeling the situation as “dangerous.”
“Water Minister Atishi’s weight is also decreasing unexpectedly. Before sitting on hunger strike on 21st June, her weight was 65.8 kg which has come down to 63.6 kg on the fourth day of the hunger strike. That is, her weight has decreased by 2.2 kg in just 4 days,” read a party statement.
“Her blood sugar level has decreased by 28 units on the fourth day as compared to the first day of the hunger strike,” the statement added.
“Along with this, her blood pressure level has also decreased. Doctors have described the speed at which Water Minister Atishi’s blood sugar level, blood pressure and weight have decreased as dangerous.
Along with this, Minister Atishi’s urine ketone level of water is also increasing. Such an increase in the amount of ketone in her body will be dangerous for her health,” the statement elaborated.
AAP emphasized that doctors have urged Atishi to be admitted to a hospital due to her worsening condition, but she remains adamant about continuing her hunger strike for Delhi’s water rights.
A doctors report mentioned, “The patient has been counselled for admission and oral intake,” but noted her refusal.
Atishi contended that Delhi has been receiving 100 million gallons daily (MGD) less water for the last three weeks.
“The 100 MGD less water has caused a shortage, affecting 28 lakh people in Delhi,” she indicated.
Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena met with a delegation of AAP leaders on Sunday. Following the meeting, Saxena mentioned that Haryana chief minister Nayab Singh Saini assured he would investigate if Haryana could supply additional water to the city.