Delhi lieutenant governor Vinai Kumar Saxena on Sunday assured an Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) delegation, that had met him over the water crisis in the capital, that he will try to resolve the issue. The L-G told the delegation that the solution lay in “cooperation rather than blame game”.

Delhi lieutenant governor VK Saxena on Saturday had hit out at AAP-led city government over the water crisis.

The AAP MPs and MLAs who attended the meeting urged the L-G to request the Bharatiya Janata Party-led Haryana government for extra water for a few days till rain arrives, PTI quoted Raj Niwas officials as saying.

In a statement issued after the meeting, AAP said that the party delegation highlighted the shortfall of 113 million gallons per day of water from the neighbouring state to Delhi.

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According to an official, the Delhi L-G said that the sharing of Yamuna water between Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and other neighbouring states was fixed by the Upper Yamuna River Board and will be renewed in 2025.

As per the report, Saxena spoke to Haryana chief minister Nayab Singh Saini who assured the former that he would seriously look into the matter and try to help tide over the situation.

The L-G pointed that the top court advice that Delhi could approach Haryana for extra water on ‘humanitarian grounds’ could fructify only in an atmosphere of cooperation and amicable dialogue, rather than by indulging in accusations, abuse and blame game,” the official said.

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The Delhi L-G also noted that not only Delhi’s population but that of all states have increased proportionately and all were equally affected by the heat wave.

Saxena also reiterated that according to the Delhi government’s own Economic Survey, unaccounted-for water was to the tune of 54 per cent while 40 per cent of water was wasted. He underlined that the Delhi government and Delhi Jal Board should address this issue.

The L-G on Saturday had lashed out at the city government, accusing its ministers of trying to turn the present water crisis into an opportunity to blame the neighbouring states.

He had alleged that the “shrill discourse” of the ministers of Delhi government had been “distressing” and “questionable” at various levels.