Dev Anand`s Juhu house sold, to be replaced by a 22-storey tower?

The mansion where the late actor Dev Anand spent the most glorious years of his life with his wife Kalpana Kartik and children Suniel Anand and Devina Anand has been sold, according to reports in Hindustan Times. The portal quoted a source saying, “Dev Anand’s Juhu bungalow has been sold to a real estate company. The deal is also done and paperwork is going on. It has been sold for approximately ₹350-400 crores as it’s a prime location with bungalows of prominent industrialists in the locality”.

Adding to this, an insider who also lives close to Anand’s home told HT, “Actors like Madhuri Dixit Nene and Dimple Kapadia also once lived in the apartments around the bungalow. The place will now be replaced by a 22-floor long tower.”

When Dev Anand chose to build a house in Juhu, it was a relatively unknown neighbourhood. In fact, he had previously stated in interviews that he picked the location because he fell in love with its remoteness. “I built my Juhu house 1950. Juhu was a small village then and there was total wilderness. I liked it because I’m a loner. Juhu has become very crowded now, too full of people, especially on Sundays. It’s not the same beach any longer. My Iris Park residence doesn’t have a park anymore, there is a school and four bungalows bang opposite my place,” he had told a media outlet.

As per the portal, the mansion was sold because there was no one to take care of it. “His son Suniel stays is US whereas daughter Devina lives in Ooty along with mother Kalpana Kartik. There is no one in Mumbai to take care of the property and hence they have taken the decision to sell off the bungalow. In fact, they had also sold some property in Panvel, Maharashtra for the same reason,” reveals the source.


Dev Anand, born on September 26, 1923, and passing away on December 3, 2011, was a legendary Indian actor, film producer, director, and screenwriter. He is regarded as one of the most influential and charismatic actors in the history of Indian cinema. Dev Anand`s career spanned over six decades, during which he appeared in numerous iconic Bollywood films.