Munawar Faruqui,on Thursday, announced his stand-up tour `Dhando`. He dropped a video where he spoke about the special and his first-ever performance of the show at the prestigious NCPA, Mumbai. He recalled how he would look up to the esteemed venue that gave a platform for several distinguished comedians in the past and was like a dream to him. Now, months after emerging victorious from the Bigg Boss 15 house, Munawar is all set for his stand-up tour. The specials will be held in Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Dubai. 

In the video, Munawar revealed that he performed trials of `Dhando` before entering the Bigg Boss house and held a proper show at the NCPA on May 12 to a houseful auditorium. “I only think about one thing- make people laugh,” he said recalling his emotions before his big show at the NCPA last month. 

“I am a storyteller. I make jokes about things that have happened to me,” the comedian shared. The video also presents the reactions of the audience, before and after the show. 

Take a look:

The audience gave glowing reviews to Munawar`s stand-up. The audience urged people to experience the show live to soak it in. “My mouth dried with all the whistling. I am willing to stand in line for hours for a selfie with bhai (Munawar),” said a fan expressing his joy after watching the show. 

Talking about the impact he is hoping for with the special, he said, “When I completed writing `Dhando`, I knew it was not just a comedy show, I wanted to take you somewhere I have been. I have to take them through journey of a joke and how much I can challenge my art form. What next is the question? I will take you on a journey with a story. You will cry with me, laugh with me, I will make you feel uncomfortable also. But after the show, when you exit the venue, I will make you feel very comfortable. I will make sure that atleast for 24 hours there will be a smile on your face. If someone asks you about the reason, you will say, `Munawar ka show dekh ke aa rahe hai”