‘Dinner leke aagaye’: Swiggy delivers food at Mannat at SRK`s Twitter request

Food delivery agency Swiggy sent various delectables to `Mannat`, Indian icon Shah Rukh Khan’s residence on Monday after he was involved a light-hearted Twitter conversation with a fan and asked him whether he would send food over.

SRK recently starred in the record-breaking hit, ‘Pathan’ and will be seen in the movie ‘Jawan’ in September later this year. The star is also known to stay connected with fans and audiences through social media. One of the ways through which he does this is his short monthly Twitter #AskSRK session where he interacts with his fans, personally answering some of their burning questions.

In the latest #AskSRK session yesterday, Shah Rukh invited questions from fans on Twitter for 15 minutes. The questions spanned a range of topics from insider details about ‘Jawan’ to Khan’s daily mundanities including his evening plans. Subsequently, a user asked him, “Khaana khaaya kya bhai? (Have you eaten food, brother?)”. The Bollywood actor, in response, said “Kyun bhai aap Swiggy se ho….bhej doge kya? (Why brother? Are you from Swiggy…will you deliver the food?”)

Although SRK probably intended his response to be taken as part of some silly idol-fan banter, the exchange went viral and prompted the official handle of Swiggy to quickly capitalize on the moment and ask: “Hum hain swiggy se, bhej dein kya? (we are from Swiggy, should we deliver it?)”.

While Khan did not respond further to their tweet, Swiggy promptly posted another tweet, with a photograph of a team of delivery personnel armed with bags of delicious food from in and around Mumbai’s eateries and premium restaurants standing outside Mannat. The post`s caption read: “Hum swiggy wale hai aur hum dinner leke aagaye (We are from Swiggy and we have arrived with dinner)”.

The food delivered at Khan`s residence included tandoori chicken from Persian Darbar, kebabs from Lucky, pizza from Hundo Pizza, burgers from GFB, Chinese delicacies from Royal China and dessert from Le 15 Macron

The entire unpredictable series of events attracted several comments from Khan’s fans on Twitter. Some of them asked Swiggy as to what they delivered to the actor’s residence and when they too might get an opportunity to receive such a lucky gift. One fan addressed Swiggy and said, “Tum logon ka toh din ban gaya hoga na?” to which Swiggy responded with a gif from Khan’s popular movie ‘Om Shanti Om’.

This viral fan-idol-agency exchange gripped the imaginations of netizens for hours, even causing #SWIGGY to trend on Twitter. It seems like Christmas came early for both Shah Rukh and Swiggy this time around!