Director Anil Sharma feels `Gadar 2` deserves to be sent for the Oscars

Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel`s `Gadar 2` broke several records at the box office when it released in theatres on August 11. The film directed by Anil Sharma is a sequel to the 2001 blockbuster film `Gadar: Ek Prem Katha`. The cast and the director of the film reunited for the sequel after all these years and also recreated the box office magic. 

Director Anil Sharma said that while he is happy with the love and praise showered on the film, he would be happier to get the prestigious Oscars. Speaking to in a new interview, the director said, “People are calling me repeatedly to send the film to the Oscars. Gadar: Ek Prem Katha (2001) didn’t go, so I don’t know how Gadar 2 will go, but we are at it. But Gadar 2 should go; the film deserves it. Gadar also deserved it. Gadar was based on the 1947 partition, and we told the story in a very different way. It was a new and original story, and Gadar 2 is also a new and original story.”

In 2001, Aamir Khan`s `Lagaan` which had clashed with Gadar at the box office was sent to the Oscars from India in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

“We have touched people’s hearts with Gadar 2. I won’t lie, but even we want awards. But I didn`t expect it because I knew that I wouldn’t get it. I hear there is lots of lobbying and PR involved in these things, and I am not a political person. I have never lobbied for awards,” Anil signed off.

Sunny Deol recently visited London and witnessed audience reaction to the film in theatres. During his visit in the city, he also gave an interview to BBC Asian Network and talked about his opinion on the blockbuster being touted as an anti-Pakistani film by a few. 

 “See, it’s basically a political thing mostly. It’s not actually the people who… genuine people because the end of [the] day, it’s all humanity there.”

The `Border` actor further added, “Whether it’s here or there, everyone’s together. And even you’ll see that throughout the film, I never run anybody down because I don’t believe in running people down or anything, and Tara Singh is not that kind of a person.”

During the interview, the `Darr` actor was questioned about the use of religious language and violent scenes in the film. In response, he advised not to take it seriously. He said, “See again like I would say, don’t take this film so seriously. And if you’re asking frankly, there’s a lot of rubbish happening on the digital platform. There are so much of news channels where they talk so much rubbish which is affecting everything. But cinema comes for entertainment. It’s not coming from any other point of view (sic).”