NEET UG Controversy: Tamil Nadu’s ruling DMK party criticised the National Testing Agency for allegedly making the NEET exam unfair. They also accused the BJP-led central government of not taking strong action on this issue. The DMK repeated its demand to cancel the national-level NEET exam, saying this is necessary to restore fairness in the education system. DMK’s Tamil newspaper ‘Murasoli’ mentioned how the BJP government decided to cancel grace marks for 1,563 students only after the matter went to the Supreme Court. They suggested that if the court hadn’t intervened, the government might not have taken this step.

Murasoli mentioned in an article on June 15 that over the years, NEET has faced many problems. This year, the hidden problems and scams of NEET became known to everyone. To hide these issues, the results that were supposed to come out on June 14, 2024, were released earlier, on June 4, when the Lok Sabha election results were also announced. The newspaper also pointed out the issue of grace marks. Usually, grace marks are just one or two extra marks given to students. But this time, Murasoli mentioned that the NTA gave 70 to 80 marks as grace marks, treating them like full marks. They called this unfair to students across the country.

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The BJP government was accused of being too supportive of coaching centers that make a lot of money each month. They also allowed big companies to have a lot of influence in education. Right from the start, Tamil Nadu and important political parties like the DMK have been against NEET. The state assembly passed a bill to keep Tamil Nadu out of NEET, and they sent it to the Centre to get the President’s approval. But now, the students themselves have seen the problems with NEET. Those affected by it have gone to the Supreme Court asking to cancel the NEET UG examination conducted on May 5, 2024, and to make sure things are fair.

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