Dr Sudhir Kumar, a neurologist at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, took to Twitter to address the emotional turmoil that students go through during CBSE exam results. Here’s what his Twitter thread had to say.

The CBSE Class 10 and 12 board results for 2023 were announced earlier today. This year, the overall pass percentage stands at 87.33%, reflecting a decrease of 5.38% compared to the previous year.

Students across the country undergo a rollercoaster of emotions once the results are announced — ranging from joy and relief for those who achieve their desired outcomes, to disappointment, sadness, or frustration for those who did not meet their expectations. Each student’s reaction varies depending on their personal goals, aspirations, and the significance they attach to academic achievements.

Keeping this in mind, Dr Sudhir Kumar, a neurologist working at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, shared his CBSE Class 12 mark sheet from the year 1989 on Twitter in March 2023.

In the thread, he said that around 17 lakh students appeared for Class 12 CBSE board exams this year.

He wrote, “You may be anxiously waiting for results. Here I am sharing my 34-year-old mark sheet. Focus on Physics theory marks: 23/70.” He then went on to explain how he had anticipated a score of 67-68 out of 70 in Physics, but due to an unexplained error, he received only passing marks.

But he adds that “despite the disappointment, it ultimately didn’t have any significant impact.”

Dr Sudhir informs that he was able to apply for various medical college entrance exams. He enrolled at CMC Vellore where he successfully met the qualification requirements — achieving 50% or higher marks in each subject of Class 12 — thanks to his practical scores.

Finally, in a reassuring tweet, he wrote, “Marks do matter but only to a certain extent. So, my sincere advice to students is to study well and do well in entrance exams (NEET/JEE) or any other higher studies. The future DOES NOT depend on Class 12 marks (alone).”

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