NEW DELHI: Concerns regarding the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un have emerged following his latest public appearance alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin. Speculation about Kim’s well-being intensified after a former CIA analyst remarked, “Oof, he doesn’t look too great,” referencing Kim’s appearance during their recent meeting.
During the highly anticipated summit, Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin signed a comprehensive strategic partnership treaty aimed at strengthening the bilateral ties between their countries.The agreement emphasizes mutual military support in times of conflict and seeks to enhance trade and security cooperation. This development marks a significant step in the geopolitical landscape, underscoring the alliance between North Korea and Russia against Western powers.
However, amid the formalities and strategic discussions, Kim Jong-Un’s physical condition became a focal point. The North Korean leader appeared noticeably less vigorous, prompting speculations about his health. This isn’t the first time Kim’s health has come under scrutiny; past reports have suggested issues ranging from obesity to potential cardiovascular problems, a Daily Mail report said.
“There was a time when he lost a little weight and he looked better. So my initial reaction was that he didn’t look, in terms of being healthy, because his health is something that we always track anyway,” Sue Mi Terry, a former CIA analyst, told CNN.
International observers and analysts are now closely monitoring Kim Jong-Un’s health, as his ability to lead North Korea remains a critical issue. The health of a nation’s leader can significantly impact political stability and policy direction, making Kim’s condition a matter of global interest.
Meanwhile, North Korea and Russia have agreed to provide all available military assistance if the other side faces armed aggression, under an agreement signed by their leaders, the North’s KCNA news agency reported on Thursday.
According to KCNA, the two countries will not sign any treaty with a third country that infringes on the interests of the other and will not allow their territories to be used by any country to harm the other’s security and sovereignty.
(With inputs from agencies)