NEW DELHI: UK Prime Minister and Conservative party‘s nominee Rishi Sunak on Tuesday urged the voters to make the right decision in the upcoming general elections and not do something which they might regret in future.
Taking to X, Sunak said, “Once you make that decision on Thursday, there’s no going back.”
“Don’t do something you might regret,” he added.

Sunak’s remark comes as the prevailing expectation is that the Conservative Party will lose the election, as Labour has maintained a substantial lead in opinion polls since late 2021.The Conservative brand has been tarnished by various scandals, including Partygate, which led to Boris Johnson’s downfall, and the chaotic six-week tenure of his successor, Liz Truss.
On July 4, Britons will cast their votes, and the winner will be declared in the early hours of Friday morning. In the UK, voters elect MPs to represent their local constituencies, and the leader of the party that wins a majority of the 650 constituencies becomes the prime minister and forms the government.