Indian farm worker Satnam Singh lost his life after being abandoned on the side of the road following a severe accident in Latina, a rural region south of Rome, Italy.
The accident, which resulted in the severing of Singh’s arm, took place while he was working on a farm in the area, which is known for its significant population of Indian migrant workers, according to AFP report.
Labour Minister Marina Calderone addressed the parliament, describing the incident as “a true act of barbarity” and expressing her hope that those responsible would face consequences for their actions. The authorities are currently investigating the matter. Singh, who was believed to be 30 or 31 years old and working without legal documentation, suffered the injury while cutting hay with a machine, according to the Flai CGIL trade union.
The Indian Embassy in Italy also acknowledged the incident and said that they were trying to contact the worker’s family and help from the consulate. “The Embassy is aware of the very unfortunate demise of an Indian national in Latina, Italy. We are in contact with local authorities. Efforts are underway to contact the family and provide consular assistance,” posted the Indian Embassy in Rome on their X handle.

The trade union reported that instead of receiving assistance from his employers, Singh was “dumped like a bag of rubbish near his home,” comparing the situation to a “horror film.” Police were alerted by Singh’s wife and friends, and an air ambulance was dispatched to the scene. Despite being airlifted to a hospital in Rome, Singh succumbed to his injuries around midday. A police spokesman told AFP that Satnam “was flown to a hospital in Rome but he died (today) around midday.”
The centre-left Democratic Party strongly denounced the treatment of the worker in an area notorious for worker exploitation, calling it a “defeat for civilisation.” The party emphasized the importance of continuing the fight against gangmasters and ensuring dignified and humane living and working conditions for all individuals.