Dystopian comedy 'Gaganachari' readies for worldwide release

The highly anticipated dystopian comedy film ‘Gaganachari’, directed by Arun Chandu, is set for a worldwide release on June 21st. Ever since the release of its posters and trailer, the film has generated significant excitement among audiences. Premiered earlier this year at Kerala Pop Con, ‘Gaganachari’ received widespread acclaim, setting the stage for its upcoming theatrical debut.
‘Gaganachari’ has earned accolades at numerous prestigious global festivals, including the New York Film Awards, Los Angeles Film Awards, and the Pramana Asian Film Festival in Southern Italy. It has been recognized in categories such as Best Picture, Best TAIKA Feature Film, and Best Visual Effects. The film has also been showcased at various festivals across America, Europe, and Singapore, further cementing its reputation.

Set in a dystopian version of 2043 Kerala, ‘Gaganachari’ was written by Arun Chandu in collaboration with Siva Sai, a former assistant to director Priyadarshan. The film is produced by Ajith Vinayaka under the banner of Ajith Vinayaka Films and features a star-studded cast, including Gokul Suresh, Aju Varghese, KB Ganesh Kumar, Anarkali Marikar, and John Kaipallil. Surjith S Pai handles the cinematography, while Shankar Sharma, known for his work on ‘Sunny’ and ‘4 Years’, provides the musical score.
The film’s action sequences are choreographed by stunt master Phoenix Prabhu, renowned for his work on ‘Kala’. Meraki Studios is responsible for the film’s graphics and visual effects, ensuring a visually stunning experience. The production team includes Sajeev Chandirur as the production controller, Manu Manjith as the lyricist, Busi Baby John as the costume designer, M Bava as the art director, and Ronex Xavier as the makeup artist.

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