Coimbatore: Forest officers on Wednesday attempted to reunite a stranded wild elephant calf with its mother at Anaimaduvu near the foothills of Maruthamalai.
According to an official source, the four-month-old calf was first found with its ailing mother elephant at the foothills of Maruthamalai on May 30. The mother elephant was unable to stand on its own.
The calf had returned to the reserve forest with its sibling, a sub-adult male elephant, on June 1, even as forest veterinary officers were treating the mother elephant.The calf didn’t return to the spot. Meanwhile, the forest officers released the mother elephant into the reserve forest on June 3 after successful treatment.
On Wednesday morning, the calf was spotted at Viraliyur near Thondamuthur. Frontline forest staff secured the calf and provided it with alternative milk based on the advice of a veterinarian.
District forest officer N Jayaraj said the calf was taken to Anaimaduvu, where they spotted the mother elephant within a radius of one kilometre. “The mother came near the calf two or three times and then went back to the forest.”
According to him, the calf had joined a herd of elephants while the mother was being treated. “We will try to reunite the calf with its mother elephant soon.”

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