Emotional dramas like 'Varshangalkku Shesham' can be challenging to watch on OTT platforms: Dhyan Sreenivasan

Dhyan Sreenivasan recently addressed criticisms aimed at his film ‘Varshangalkku Shesham‘, directed by his brother Vineeth Sreenivasan. Speaking at a promotional event for his latest movie, Dhyan acknowledged that emotional dramas like ‘Varshangalkku Shesham’ might not resonate well on OTT platforms.
“Emotional dramas can be challenging to watch on OTT platforms and television. Such films tend to be slow-paced with moments that may feel tedious. ‘Varshangalkku Shesham’ also has its moments of lag,” Dhyan commented candidly.

He also expressed concerns about the makeup of actor Pranav Mohanlal in the movie, which had also faced criticism. “During filming, many of us on set, including Aju Varghese, questioned whether Pranav’s makeup was suitable. However, Vineeth was satisfied with the appearance. Aju and I were not entirely convinced, but ultimately, these decisions rest with the director,” Dhyan explained.
Clarifying his stance on the film, Dhyan emphasized, “I have never claimed that the movie is flawless. What I meant was that it embodies the essence of a typical Vineeth Sreenivasan film, encompassing all its expected elements.”