MUMBAI: “The Adani Foundation gave me hope by supporting my goal of starting a business. With their help and MAVIM‘s (Mahila Arthik Vikas Mahamandal) support, I was able to pursue my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Their belief in my potential guided me through tough times and showed me a path I could never have imagined walking alone,” said Aruna More, who has become the first Lakhpati Didi under the Swabhimaan project of Adani Foundation and Adani Electricity.
“I wanted to contribute to my family’s finances, so despite my husband’s hard work at a telecom company, his salary wasn’t enough to cover our expenses. I joined the Dhyandeep cooperative bank to supplement our income, but I had bigger dreams. With a small loan, I started a catering business with just Rs. 10,000. I began by serving my neighborhood, taking the first step towards my dream,” she said.
“Last year, a friend from a self-help group connected to Adani Electricity’s Swabhimaan initiative and MAVIM introduced me to their mission of empowering underprivileged women. I formed a 15-member self-help group in my area, which was a small but meaningful step towards making a difference.
This group exposed me to the various ways in which Adani Foundation, Adani Electricity, and MAVIM were empowering women like me. With their support, I secured significant catering orders for events, generating over Rs. 1,00,000 in revenue that year. This achievement wasn’t just financial, but it also allowed me to fulfill a long-held dream of taking my family on vacation by plane,” she added.