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The swearing-in ceremony for the new government is slated for Sunday, during which Prime Minister Narendra Modi will take the oath of office for the third time. It is expected that some MPs from Bihar will also be inducted as ministers, with Chirag Paswan being one of them. With five MPs from Chirag’s party elected, it is almost certain that one minister will be from the LJP quota, with Chirag being the probable candidate.

Before the swearing-in, Chirag Paswan had an exclusive conversation with India TV, stating that the opposition wants to advance by playing the politics of lies. He claimed that the opposition’s tactics will not succeed and emphasized that it is essential for Modi to become Prime Minister for the third time.

What Did Chirag Say about Caste?

Chirag remarked, “I never focus on caste and community. Even in ticket distribution, I have given more importance to merit. I don’t want to get trapped in caste equations. The biggest caste is the caste of poor. Even people from the upper castes are living in dire conditions.”

Prime Minister called me the future of Bihar: Chirag Paswan

He added, “My Prime Minister has also called me the future of Bihar. I don’t associate the future with a position. Every youth in Bihar is the future of Bihar. I fought my first Lok Sabha election without my father. The first election without him was full of challenges. I have reached this far with his blessings. We contested five seats and won all five by large margins. The night when the party and family split was very tough.”

Chirag further said, “I had promised my mother that I would restore everything that was lost. We need to bridge the gap between villages and cities. We must enhance infrastructure so that the burden on cities does not increase. We need to develop villages. By 2047, every village and panchayat will be developed. The opposition spread a lot of confusion in this election.”

Chirag slammed the opposition

He went on and accused the opposition parties of spreading lies. Chirag said, “The opposition spread fear about the constitution being abolished. Those who imposed the emergency were worrying about democracy. The constitution is not a joke that it will be abolished just like that. The opposition tried to cause damage by spreading confusion. This confusion caused losses in UP and Bihar. The opposition wants to advance by playing the politics of lies. Since 2014, the opposition has been creating an atmosphere.”

Chirag concluded, “The NDA has received a massive mandate for the third time. It is not a trivial matter for one person to become PM for the third time. The opposition’s tactics will not work. If you have objections, step out of the alliance. It is wrong to harm the alliance while being part of it. Modi must become PM for the third time. I do not make the mistake of underestimating anyone.”

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