Trans actor-singer Sushant Divgikr recently took to Instagram to address a widely seen trend: gatecrashing at celebrity weddings. After attending Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal’s wedding reception in Mumbai on June 23, Divgikar hinted at witnessing uninvited guests sneaking in at the event. In a pointed post on Instagram, the ex-Bigg Boss contestant expressed disbelief at the audacity of these gatecrashers. They wrote: “…I can’t believe people will get fully dressed, pretend like they’re invited and then sneak in!! For what joy? So you can enter and just make some reels?(sic).”

Sushant Divgikr on gatecrashing weddings

When approached to elaborate on their post, Divgikar tells us about their experience at multiple weddings. “I went to a friend’s nuptials who I have shared the screen with, it was very sad and pointless to see people trying to gatecrash the wedding at the risk of being declined entry,” Divgikr shares.

Lashing out at gatecrashers for ruining a special moment in a couple’s life, Divgikr adds, “Koi sharam haya nahi hain and aagaye bas kisi ka naam leke. You are intruding in someone’s space. Just because somebody is trending, aap pahuch jaate ho like ‘begaane shaadi mai Abdullaah deewana’.”

Further, hitting out at the involvement of PR teams in facilitating these gatecrashers, Divgikr says, “I know some of these people from the industry who attended the wedding but were uninvited. Maybe unke PR ne bola hoga that we will procure an invitation for you. What is the big deal if you weren’t invited? Isme itni kya badi baat hogayi, why do you have to crash the wedding?”

The actor further criticised the superficiality and fame-seeking behaviour behind such actions saying “people just want to be in the limelight, its a sickness”.

They also expressed concern over the embarrassment caused to hosts and emphasised the extent to which gatecrashers go to gain attention. The actor says, “They are such pros now, that they fake it in a way that it seems they actually know the bride and groom. I saw people coming in and have even heard some saying, ‘Chalo ab aagaye andar, camera nikaalo’. Just for those two minutes of fame, people go to such lengths,” continuing, “Its the world of social media that has made them like that. They just want to show off like ‘Hey, we also attended’! It becomes some sort of a validation in their own heads.”