Delving into another new father’s story for our Father’s Day special series, this time actor Abhinav Shukla weighs in on his life after welcoming his twin daughters Jeeva and Edhaa, with actor-wife Rubina Dilaik. He feels that the changes have been nothing but good for him. “To be honest, there is not one thing that changed after I became a father, there are a lot of changes that one goes through in this phase of his life. Few are subtle, and some are a little more dramatic,” he shares.

Abhinav Shukla on Father’s Day

“For example, the little change is that I have become more disciplined. I wake up at a fixed time and I sleep early. Secondly, whatever little time that I get, I am now more focused, earlier focus was less. Thirdly, I have started worrying about, when my daughters grow up, they should have a good place and environment to live in, I have become more environmentally conscious. I am always worried about their future, I want them to have a good future,” Shukla further adds, expressing his concerns as a dotting father to his daughters.

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What are the plans for his first Father’s Day this year? “I am excited for my first Father’s Day with my cute little daughters. We used to wish our father earlier or just read it in the newspaper that it’s Father’s Day, but this time I’ll realise what it actually means. There’s a lot of sacrifice and hardwork that goes behind,” the 41-year-old says, and continues that he goes by what his mum used to tell him. “Like my mother always says, ‘Being a parent is the toughest job in the world.’ Jobs are easier than raising kids. I am realising it and I completely agree with her now. I am looking forward to my first Father’s Day, I’ll make sure to be with them at home the whole day.”

Shukla is quite sure about not pressurising his little ones in the future, but just to inspire them. “Once they grow up, it’s up to them what they want to pursue, but one thing is sure that I have to lead them by example in their growing phase. So yes, there is a lot of outdoors planned for them. My job would be to make them physically and mentally tough, then they can take on the world,” he ends.

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