Pakistani actor Fawad Khan will be next seen in Asim Abbasi-directed Barzakh. He will also reportedly make his comeback in Bollywood with director Aarti Bagdi’s film. Now, Asim has come to Fawad’s defence after an X (formerly Twitter) user from Pakistan criticised Fawad’s choice to star in a Bollywood film. (Also Read | Fawad Khan to make Bollywood comeback with rom-com after nearly 8 years: Report)

Fawad Khan will star with Sanam Saeed in Asim Abbasi’s supernatural romance Barzakh.

Asim defends Fawad’s choice to star in Indian film

On X, the person wrote, “Btw. Fawad Khan doesn’t ‘need’ offers from Pakistan, he HAS offers from Pakistan. Tons of them. He has refused most of them. Mainstream, massive projects with A list writers and actors and directors. But he’s choosing to work with Vaani Kapoor in a rando Bwood film.”

Reacting to the tweet, Asim wrote, “Appreciate this isn’t my battle, but I am really curious to understand what the problem here is? We are individuals, free to make the choices we want to make for our careers and our fulfilment? Who is any random person to judge the people/geography we want to work with/in? … Also OFFERS are subjective – we don’t have the same likes or interests. Despite the interest from some channels, I have ZERO interest in doing that content – it is not my style, my aesthetic – there is no definitive list of A-List. We are in a beautiful industry that…”

He also added, “Should celebrate diversity and personal choices. We do what fulfils our soul. Doing shows with Zindagi or in the UK fulfils my soul. Perhaps something else fulfils Fawad’s soul? Please, know that we love you all, but we do not want to be held to arbitrary standards.”

Asim on Fawad being a part of ‘own industry’

Another person said, “After the way he was treated, we expected him to turn towards his own industry. He is our superstar. What about The industry that made him ?” Asim responded, “What is ‘own’ industry? If I only had an ‘own’ industry, Cake would have never been made? Every single TV channel threw me out of their offices, because there was nothing commercial in my film?”

When a fan said they didn’t want to fight with him, he replied, “Not fighting at all. But we all want to do things that our heart desires, even if the world doesn’t understand our choices/decisions. Hence, I was speaking out.” He also wrote, “All of you seem disappointed, and that saddens me. An actor is acting. Let them act as they want to, where they want to, and who they want to be with.”

About Fawad’s next Bollywood film

Fawad is expected to return to Indian cinema with a rom-com, which also stars Vaani Kapoor. Aarti Bagdi has come on board to direct the project, which will be shot entirely in the UK. The rom-com will tell the story of how two broken people come together by a stroke of luck and end up helping each other and ultimately fall in love. The yet-to-be-titled film is Eastwood Studios’ first international collaboration. Fawad last starred in a Hindi-language film eight years ago. He has acted in Indian films such as Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Kapoor and Sons and Khoobsurat.

Fawad and Asim’s next project

Fawad will star with Sanam Saeed in Asim’s supernatural romance Barzakh. The trailer gives a glimpse of the emotional journey of a 76-year-old man who shocks his estranged children and grandchildren by announcing his intention to marry the ghost of his first love. Barzakh will be released simultaneously on Zindagi’s YouTube and ZEE5.