New York City’s Pride Parade ended on a sour note as multiple brawls broke out, forcing police to intervene. Washington Square Park became the epicenter of chaos on Sunday evening, as onlookers gathered to watch several attendees exchange punches and hurl insults at one another.

Disturbing Incidents and Onlookers’ Reactions

During a disturbing incident, a woman dressed in a black bra and shorts confronted two other women in a water fountain. As the altercation intensified, she pushed one woman to the ground before turning her aggression towards another in a pink top, who later had her hair pulled by a third person. Onlookers captured the brawl on camera but seemed more interested in filming than intervening. The fight between the women eventually subsided, only to be followed by a renewed conflict involving a group of men, triggering further altercations among bystanders.

Police Response and Arrests

Onlookers continued to film the brawls, with a few people even appearing gleeful at certain points. Police tried to get a handle on the mayhem by putting up barricades around the park and ordering people to leave the area as night fell. It’s unclear if any arrests were made in connection with the brawls, but we know 22 people were arrested during an anti-Israel protest earlier in the day.

ICYMI, demonstrators temporarily blocked the festivities for the 54th Pride Parade in Greenwich Village. The parade commenced after cops hauled off several protestors, with 16 people given desk appearance tickets and the rest spending the night in police custody.

A Disappointing Conclusion to a Celebratory Day

The series of brawls and subsequent police intervention marked a less-than-stellar end to what should have been a celebratory evening. The chaos overshadowed the spirit of unity and pride that the event aimed to promote, leaving a sour taste for many attendees and onlookers alike. The disturbances in Washington Square Park, coupled with the earlier anti-Israel protest arrests, highlighted the challenges faced by organizers in maintaining a peaceful and joyous atmosphere during such large-scale events.

Image by freepik