Amid allegations of paper leaks, the NEET-UG exam will proceed today for 1563 candidates who were given grace marks. These candidates will retake the exam today. Meanwhile, FIRs have been filed against NSUI activists who protested at the Education Minister’s residence. However, protests against NEET continue unabated. Today, students will open a protest front at Jantar Mantar regarding this issue.

The controversy surrounding the NEET-UG exam, exacerbated by allegations of irregularities and subsequent protests, underscores the challenges and scrutiny faced by educational authorities in ensuring fair and transparent examinations. The re-administration of the exam for candidates receiving grace marks aims to uphold the integrity of the testing process. Meanwhile, the FIRs against protesters highlight the tense atmosphere surrounding educational policy and exam conduct, reflecting broader concerns over accountability and fairness in India’s competitive examinations.