Eva standing with green robot Muthr as they looked shocked at something off camera.

It’s all joy for Inside Out 2: the Disney and Pixar animated sequel has dominated the box office charts in the past 10 days, earning a jaw-dropping $725 million worldwide and making it the biggest movie of 2024 so far. While there’s no confirmed Disney Plus streaming date for Inside Out 2, there’s a new epic animated adventure trilogy you can stream sooner on Apple TV Plus that premieres this Thursday (June 27).

While you wait for Inside Out 2 to land on one of the best streaming services and earn a well-deserved place on our best Disney Plus movies list, the animated trilogy WondLa on Apple TV Plus looks like an unmissable spectacle that could very much become one of the best Apple TV Plus shows. It tells the story of Eva, who embarks on a perilous journey across Earth’s surface to see if she’s the only human after being forced to flee her underground sanctuary.