MUMBAI: The Mumbai police have successfully located four siblings who went missing in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, last week and have reunited them with their family, according to an official statement released on Monday. The MIDC police station official stated that the police traced three girls and a boy, aged between eight and 18 years, to a children‘s home in Gwalior on Sunday and returned them to their family.
The children had left their Andheri home with their mother on May 26 and boarded the Punjab Mail train from Kalyan station. However, when the train stopped at Khandwa station, the mother got off and missed the train, the official explained.
The children then alighted at Gwalior station, where a local resident took them to a children’s home, the official added.
Following a complaint filed by the children’s family, the MIDC police station registered a case of kidnapping and initiated a search operation. The Mumbai police team analyzed CCTV footage from the Khandwa and Gwalior railway stations to locate the missing children, the official said.