Frizz-free monsoon: Expert haircare guide to prevent dullness during monsoon

Monsoon arrives with soaring humidity levels that tend to send the hair into a frenzy. The commonest woe that every Mumbaikar deasl with is frizzy hair. Curly hair or straight hair, frizz is a widespread hair concern. To combat the problem of frizzy hair, spoke to Dr. Rashmi Shetty, cosmetic dermatologist, Ra Skin & Aesthetics, Mumbai.

What makes our hair straight or curly?
When the cuticles are closed well, are well-hydrated and nourished, your hair would run straight. If you have damaged or broken cuticles, they tend to then absorb more water which causes the hair to swell up and twist & turn in different directions, thus making it curly. The hair feels rough, does not reflect light evenly, looks dull and is more prone to split ends.

Ultimate haircare guide to tackle Mumbai monsoon
While you cannot particularly do anything to treat frizzy hair, there are a few lifestyle changes that one can adopt to improve this. The first is with regards to your hair wash. A lot of us engage in a double wash which is not healthy. Ensure to stick to a single wash and rinse.

You do not need to shampoo your hair daily. Doing it once a week will suffice. However, note that this is for your hair alone and not the scalp. The scalp must be washed off as many times as required to eliminate any dirt or build-up that could cause further damage. You can follow this by applying the shampoo solely on the scalp area and rinsing it off. In this process, the hair is bound to get wet in which case, you can use a conditioner.

When using a conditioner, you need to remember to let it sit on your hair for a few minutes before you rinse it off with cold water. This aids in taming the hair cuticles thus making the hair less frizzy.

A quick heat drying of the hair also makes the hair swell. A healthier alternative is to roll your hair in a towel, just like our elders did in the olden days while they finished off their morning chores. This helps contain the frizz and puffiness. You could also simply twist your hair into a bun or a braid. Another way to shield your hair from frizziness would be to mix cream and oil together, one drop of each, and apply it on semi-wet hair post your shower.

This next piece of advice is in fact a common trend that most tend to follow. When applying hair care products to frizzy hair, most hair stylists recommend crunching it. This is actually not healthy because when you do, you open out a few cuticles, thus giving the hair a kink. So, when the hair is wet, it looks wavier and curlier but when it dries out, it frizzes up completely. The best way to apply such products is in a downward motion while shutting off the cuticles on your hair follicle.

When you’re out and about in the wind or the sun, you must ensure to not leave your hair open. This helps retain the moisture in your hair, preventing any further damage. When also investing in chemical treatments such as hair coloring, peroxide, heat tools, etc. very often, it dries out the hair more. Thus, it’s best to keep these at a minimum. Last but not least is nutrition. Internal care is just as important as external care. You must consume a diet rich in essential fatty acids, proteins and vitamins like B1, B3, and B6.

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