NEW DELHI: President Joe Biden extended birthday wishes to former President Donald Trump, humorously remarking that age is merely a number. Biden’s post also included a video contrasting his achievements with the actions and statements made by the 78-year-old Trump.
“Happy 78th birthday, Donald. Take it from one old guy to another: Age is just a number.This election, however, is a choice”, Joe Biden said in a post.

The issue of their advanced years has become a significant consideration for many voters, with conservatives frequently citing Biden’s age as a reason for his unsuitability for the presidency.
As former President Donald Trump turned 78 on Friday, Joe Biden’s campaign delivered a stinging birthday message to former President Donald Trump calling him a ‘crook, a failure, a fraud, and a threat to our democracy’.
James Singer, a Biden campaign spokesperson, said in his wish to Trump, “Happy birthday, Donald. You’re a crook, a failure, a fraud, and a threat to our democracy, economy, rights, and future. On behalf of America, our early gift for your 79th: Making sure you are never president again.”
The Biden campaign also marked Trump’s 78th birthday by sarcastically listing 78 “accomplishments” that highlighted his legal issues and controversial moments during his presidency.
The list included Trump’s recent felony convictions in New York, his challenges as a business owner, his call for the death penalty for the Central Park Five, his management of the Covid pandemic and his claims of responsibility for overturning Roe v Wade.
Trump celebrated his 78th birthday on Friday evening by speaking to an audience in Florida where he repeatedly dismissed his rival in the November election, 81-year-old President Joe Biden, as too weak to handle a second term.
The former president spoke to “Club 47” fan club members at a convention center in West Palm Beach, close to his Mar-a-Lago residence. As part of the celebrations, organizers presented a towering, multi-layered cake while audience members threw red and blue balloons.
The cake, set on a gold-colored base, featured separate tiers depicting a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap, the Club 47 logo, an American flag, the phrase “Born in the USA on Flag Day,” an image of Trump golfing, and the Oval Office fitted with gold frames commonly found in many Trump properties, as well as Trump and Republican logos.

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