While this era of virtual dating is all about instant gratification, generation Z is carving out its own unique path focusing on mindfulness and depth over superficiality and speed. Dating app, QuackQuack`s, latest study on GenZ dating patterns and tendencies shows that this new generation of daters are rebranding dating with innovative trends.

The app`s online poll in the last week of May 2024 was attended by more than 11,000 daters between the ages of 18 and 26. The majority of the participants were students, IT professionals, and engineers, along with a mix of healthcare and finance professionals, content creators, teachers and sales and marketing experts.

The app`s Founder and CEO, Ravi Mittal, commented, “GenZ has been making waves in the dating world for quite some time now. We have a large portion of GenZ users and almost regularly we observe them dating quite differently from their predecessors. For instance, GenZ is not afraid to pick themselves, they are more thorough and slow, and they are very much focused on mental health; they would drop a relationship any day if that happens to affect their mental health. These trends might look drastic but they are equally important for a healthy dating life.”

Simmer dating

47 per cent of GenZ daters from Tier 1, 2, and 3 cities disclosed that they prefer taking a slow-paced approach, calling it “simmer dating,” instead of the previously famous rapid-fire matching and quick meetups. This trend focuses on gradual buildup and emphasizes patience while finding a partner. The responses of these participants give a clear picture of the shift toward meaningful connections over instant chemistry that tends to fizzle out as fast as it grows. 4 out of 5 people also mentioned that relationships that grow organically over time are more lasting and fulfilling.

Blank canvassing

GenZ is all about mental health and with it taking center stage this year, there is another notable trend, Blank Canvassing, making considerable noise in the dating world. In this trend, daters take their time to reflect on their past relationships, assess how that has affected their mental health, and take the time to ensure that they are truly ready for a relationship or doing so under peer pressure or because of the fear of missing out. 35 percent of women between 20 and 25 said that this approach focuses on emotional well-being over rushing to find love. This also helps build a more stable relationship between two people who have let go of past baggage and are starting over with a blank canvas. This generation of daters is setting a new standard of readiness for giving and receiving love.

Digital courtship

GenZ is actively bringing back the traditional courtship period to the modern dating world. 29&#37 of daters between 18 and 26 are all in favor of digital courtship; they said that instead of jumping straight to chatting regularly or planning a meetup, they allow their matches to court and impress them. This is more specific to daters who are particularly looking for a serious and exclusive relationship and one unique factor of this trend is that a dater only courts one match at a time. There is an air of honesty and genuineness to this trend. Moreover, female participants said that it gives a more personal touch to virtual dating and enriches the experience.

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