Gadar 2: Sunny Deol reacts to movie being touted as `anti-Pakistani`

Sunny Deol is currently riding high on the success of his recently released film `Gadar 2`. The actor gave an interview to BBC Asian Network and talked about his opinion on the blockbuster being touted as an anti-Pakistani film by a few. 

Sunny while replying to the question shared, “See, it’s basically a political thing mostly. It’s not actually the people who… genuine people because the end of [the] day, it’s all humanity there.”

The `Border` actor further added, “Whether it’s here or there, everyone’s together. And even you’ll see that throughout the film, I never run anybody down because I don’t believe in running people down or anything, and Tara Singh is not that kind of a person.”

The host brought up the issue of strained relations between neighbouring countries and mentioned that it has been exacerbated by questions surrounding people`s religious identities. The `Gadar 2` star was asked to comment on this, to which the actor said, “We all want peace, you know, and nobody wants all this thing to happen. But it’s high time the politics started seeing the world not from [the point of view of votes] because everybody does it for the sake of votes.” The journalist was quick enough to hit him back with “But you are part of the politics as well though, right?” Tara Singh actor replied by saying, “I am part of it. But everybody has his own view. And whatever you are and what you feel about it I wouldn’t like to discuss it because it would offend or people may like it or people would disturb it or people would say all different kinds of things. That’s not my idea.” 

During the interview, the `Darr` actor was questioned about the use of religious language and violent scenes in the film. In response, he advised not to take it seriously. He said, “See again like I would say, don’t take this film so seriously. And if you’re asking frankly, there’s a lot of rubbish happening on the digital platform. There are so much of news channels where they talk so much rubbish which is affecting everything. But cinema comes for entertainment. It’s not coming from any other point of view (sic).”

`Gadar 2,` directed by Anil Sharma, was released on August 11. It is set in 1971 and follows Tara Singh`s (Sunny`s character) attempt to save his son, Charanjeet Singh (Utkarsh Sharma), from the Pakistani Army.