Ganesh Chaturthi, the beloved festival dedicated to Lord Ganesha, isn`t just an event; it`s a true extravaganza in Mumbai. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Ananya Panday shared her deep-rooted affection for Ganesh Chaturthi, recounting how this festival has been a cherished part of her life.

The 24-year-old starlet couldn`t contain her excitement as she reminisced about her childhood and the enduring bond she shares with Lord Ganesha, lovingly referred to as Bappa.

“Ganeshotsav has always been my favorite festival,” Ananya gushed. “When I was young, we would celebrate this at school, and I would go to my friends’ houses. I always felt a connection with Bappa; he used to be my mobile wallpaper at one point. I always felt very calm looking into his eyes,” she revealed.

Ananya`s longing to bring Lord Ganesha home was palpable even during her early years. “I would ask my mum as a child, `When will we bring him home?` every year, to which she would reply, `When you are responsible enough to do all the rituals yourself,`” Ananya recounted.

The turning point in this heartwarming tale of devotion came in 2018 when Ananya Panday embarked on her journey in the film industry with her debut film, “Student Of The Year 2.” It was then that her mother deemed her ready to take on the responsibility of welcoming Bappa into their home. “She said, `You are ready now,`” Ananya shared. “Now I think it’s going to be a generational ritual of bringing him home. It’s our fifth year this time,” she added, hinting at the beautiful tradition that has taken root in her family.

Ananya and her family have made a conscious choice to ensure that the idol they welcome into their home is eco-friendly. Despite their busy schedules, they ensure that Bappa is in the company of someone at all times during his stay. “They sleep in the same room, Bappa’s meals come on time. We feed him before we eat,” Ananya revealed, emphasizing the devotion and care that go into their celebrations.

Furthermore, Ananya Panday highlighted their commitment to eco-friendliness by mentioning the ban on firecrackers in Delhi. “We need to adhere to these rules; the world is our home,” she wisely noted. Their visarjan (immersion) process is a spectacle of its own, conducted in a special drum within their house, moving from the hall to the balcony. The atmosphere is filled with visarjan songs and dance, culminating in the water from the immersion being used to nourish their plants, ensuring that a part of Bappa remains with them throughout the year.