Prime Minister Narendra Modi lashed out at the Opposition in no uncertain terms on Tuesday and insisted that his government had brought in an ‘era of transformation’ over the past decade. 

“If we remember those days of 2014, we will realise that the people of our country had lost their self-confidence. The country had drowned in the abyss of despair. At such a time, before 2014, the biggest loss that the country had suffered was the loss of self-confidence of the countrymen and when trust and self-confidence are lost, it becomes difficult for the person, the society, the country to stand up. For some time, it used to come out from the mouth of a common man that ‘nothing can happen to this country’. These words of frustration of Indians had become a kind of identity. For some time, when we used to open the newspaper every day, we used to read only news of scams…” Modi jibed.

(With inputs from agencies)