'Golam' breaks new ground with unique viewing experience ahead of film's release

Makers of ‘Golam’, which will hit theatres on June 7, has launched a unique experience for viewers ahead of its release. The audience can interact with the lead character and get a better understanding of the film through the Augmented Reality (AR) experience they launched recently. One can access this by clicking on the link https://golamar.in or by scanning a QR code with their smartphones or tablets. 
The crime thriller features Ranjith Sajeev, Dileesh Pothan, Chinnu Chandni, Sunny Wayne, Sidhique, and Alencier in lead roles. ‘Golam’ is produced by Anne & Sajeev for Fragrant Nature Film Creations. The film is directed by debutant Samjad and written by Praveen Viswanath and Samjad. Uday Ramachandran is the film’s executive producer. The cinematography is by Vijay, while Aby Salvin Thomas has composed the music and background score for the film. Lyrics of the songs are penned by Vinayak Sasikumar.

The AR experience was developed by Mumbai based Metavian Technologies Pvt Ltd. CEO, Anupam Saikia, Senior Techno-creative associate Narayan Nair, and Manoj Menon with their team.  ‘Golam’ is distributed by Fragrant Nature Film Creations through Sree Priya Combines.

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